Why Us

Propel – Orthodontic Treatment Aid

PropelPropel offers two methods for speeding up orthodontic treatments.

Excellerate with Propel

  • Doctor-performed in just a few minutes during your regularly scheduled office visit
  • Can be used with any type of orthodontic appliance, whether braces or aligners


Home Use

Improperly seated aligners can slow treatment, forcing patients to backtrack to previous trays. In addition to prolonging treatment, consequences of incomplete aligner seating can include unnecessary refinement.

  • Use the VPro5 for just 5 minutes per day at home or on the go.
  • VPro5 delivers gentle vibrations to complement your orthodontic treatment.
  • Used just 5 minutes per day, the VPro5 helps ensure that aligners fit properly.

Ask us whether Propel would help you achieve your perfect smile faster than regular Invisalign® treatment.