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Teeth Extractions

Teeth Extractions in Vancouver

While our dental team always aims to preserve your natural teeth, there may be situations when an extraction is unavoidable to maintain your oral health. This may include cases where teeth are damaged or severely decayed or when your wisdom teeth come in.

When Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

If you have severely decayed teeth or a tooth infection has seriously impacted the tooth roots, your tooth may be beyond saving. In such cases, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction to prevent the risk of infection spreading to the surrounding bone and the neighbouring teeth. Wisdom teeth that are impacted or that cause overcrowding may also need to be removed.

How is a Tooth Extraction Performed

Your dentist will numb the extraction area with a local anesthetic. They will then use a tool called an elevator to gently loosen the tooth and remove it with a pair of forceps. Your dentist will provide instructions for after-extraction care and offer a treatment plan for replacing the missing tooth.

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