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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Vancouver

If you are looking for a permanent solution to replace your missing teeth, you may want to consider dental implants. Dental implants consist of a titanium post that is surgically placed into your jawbone. This post acts like a tooth root and provides a solid support system for a dental crown.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a popular solution to replace missing teeth. You may be a good candidate for implants if you have one or more missing teeth and a jawbone that is fully grown. If you are an older adult, your dentist may need to assess whether you have adequate bone in the jaw area to secure the titanium post, or you may need a bone graft as well.

How Should I Care for My Dental Implant?

Once the titanium post is implanted in the jaw, it serves as a permanent root structure to hold your dental crown. With proper care and attention, the dental crown that is attached to the post will last for many years. We recommend brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily to remove food that is embedded between the crown and the gums. We also advise visiting your dentist at least once a year to assess your oral health and check the condition of your implant and crown.

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